Traffic Management Services

Traffic Management Services

Traffic management (also known as road traffic control) refers to the act of directing vehicles and pedestrians around some form of disruption. This could be a construction site, accident, community event, tree removal, road surfacing, traffic congestion – or anything else that could cause danger or disruption to a vehicle or pedestrian.

By successfully managing traffic in a safe and efficient way, the chances of vehicles crashing into each other can be significantly decreased, as well as various other safety benefits.

We are a leading Traffic Management Company that is based in West Wales that specialise in providing safe and high-quality traffic management services to NHSS standards across the United Kingdom.

Our company prides itself on being able to provide the complete traffic management service, from planning through to installation - accommodating work of any size or duration.

We offer a personalised service to each customer, so you can be confident in both the quality and safety of the scheme, installed by our highly qualified and experienced traffic management operatives.

Compete Traffic Management Services

We Deliver the Compete Traffic Management Services on a daily basis across all High and Low-speed roads, anywhere in the UK, please see below our services.


Utilizing the 'give & take' system and equipment required.

Installation of temporary lights includes 2 way or multi-phase installation) Available for any speed of road up to 60mph

 This is available on roads up to 30mph

Installation of road closures and subsequent diversion route for vehicles

 Installation of a footway closure and subsequent diversion route for pedestrians.

Use of stop/go boards, manually operated, available on speeds of road not exceeding 60mph where visibility is adequate available.

Installation of temporary crossing, to assist pedestrians to have a safe passage within the traffic management



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